Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wild Wings Tuesday Ride

The weekly 7 Bridges Scooter Club Tuesday ride this week was to Wild Wings Restaurant, where they have a buy ten wings, get ten free night.  I have never liked going there because that promotion brings people from around the city, making it a busy place.  My favorite destinations are simple, small places where we might be the only people inside.

I hadn't been on a club ride in a while, so I decided to go.  We had a good turnout, maybe twelve riders total with one or two meeting us at the place.

The gathering at the warehouse was fine.  I always enjoy talking with Mike, who came on his Yamaha Zumo 125.  I hadn't talked with Russ since he returned from Amerivespa.  He had a great time, saying it was very well run, providing an entertaining and fun weekend for everyone.  I got to talk to Tom, Bobby, Carl and his wife Grace Ann.

Russ picked a good ride there, over the Hart Bridge, down the expressway to Beach Boulevard, then back roads to Tinseltown.

But once we got to Wild Wings, it was a mess.  We waited thirty minutes for a table, then another thirty minutes to get a waiter to take our order. After leaving the warehouse at 7:00, I got home at 10:00.  I am looking forward to getting back to the good places next week.

Russ' photo of me arriving on Rocket.

Our usual gathering at the door to the warehouse.

Scooters all in the parking lot.

Heading out

Heading out again

On the road

Waiting for service.  The food was good once it came, but service was a mess.

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