Tuesday, June 23, 2015


We are now nearing the final days of living at 1776 Talbot Avenue.  Move in was in 1998, as best we can remember.  Sam and Kylie were young when we moved in, and have many memories of living there.  We renovated the kitchen, master bedroom and bathrooms in 2005, using quality products everywhere.

It is the home of the best shower I have ever used.  It is in the kids bathroom, but I have been using it every morning for the past three or four years.  Water pressure is fantastic and the space perfectly sized.  It even has a window.

Our closet was half of a bedroom originally.  Our new master bathroom is in the other half.  The kitchen has some of the nicest cabinets ever, along with quality appliances, Thermador and Bosch.

It will be missed.

Maybe the last mowing job at the house.  I hadn't done it for years but Hank, the fellow who paid rent in the office garage apartment by mowing our lawns, got married recently, moved out and doesn't mow anymore.  The fence was built to separate the two lots.  Both sold together.

The master closet.  It looks a little messy here but the shelving was perfectly designed for our needs.

Shirley, our concrete donkey.  She came here from our last house and will be moving with us again.

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  1. Seems like everyone is headed for change these days Bill.

    Got my 'Rocket and me' T-Shirt. Thank you so much.

    A blog post is imminent on that score.

    Good luck with the move