Monday, June 8, 2015


It looks like the Leuthold house has finally sold.

We have been in this house since the late 1990's, raising two children there and enjoying the great neighborhood.  It needed a freshening in 2005, so we moved into the small apartment in the back yard and gutted the kitchen and bathrooms.  We took a bedroom and converted it into a master bathroom and closet.  All the work was done very well, making for a wonderful house.

But now the children have grown and moved out.  And the great neighborhood has changed.  We live around the corner from an old, historic commercial area.  This area originally had shops that catered to the area.  A small drug store, dress shops. bookstore, post office and even a small grocery store.  But over the past twenty years, several large restaurants realized that it was a great location and opened their doors.  In the past five years, three opened, each with nearly 200 seats and bars that stay open until 2:00 AM.  It created an enormous traffic and parking problem that has been partially solved by restricting some parking on the residential streets by signs and stripes.  But these new cluttering items have detracted from the area as well.

So, a year ago, my wife Sarah decided that we were going to move.  She is a realtor and put a sign out, thinking that it would sell immediately.  We got a couple of contracts that fell through.  Then it sat for months.  We were about to take it off when two young doctors, moving here with the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center saw and liked the house.  We got an offer close to asking price and committed to the sale.  We are quite certain that it will go through and will cause us to leave at the end of June.

Sarah has been diligently packing everything in the kitchen and closets.  My task is to clean out the garage.  Because I have an office building that is underutilized, we are taking the small boxes there.  We also have a garage there that, luckily, my partner in the building has been cleaning lately.  It is now capable of holding most of the garage items from the house, including five scooters and one motorcycle.

I was sorting through the little things yesterday and decided to take some boxes to the office for placement in the garage.  Sarah was off in her car and the Miata was awaiting my friend Jamie to pick it up for service.  So I carried the items on Rocket.

We still have a lot to do, including finding a place to stay until we decide what to do long term, but it is at least starting to look like it will work.

The current garage is a mess.

Transporting the little things on Rocket.  Surprisingly efficient.


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