Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Tee Shirts are In!

I ordered tee shirts last week.  They are all white with colors like the mast head here.  I got one black one for me to go along with the white.

I had only one taker on this site, Conchscooter.  But others requested them through different means.

There are probably six or seven accounted for so far.  I am sending one to David Masse, the largest contributor to the site through having it on his site, http://www.life2wheels.com or commenting here.

But I have several left if anyone cares for one.

I am now a model!


  1. Bill imagine my surprise as I read this. I thought immediately "hmmm... I'm in. I'll buy one!" Then a few seconds later... "What!?!?" "Bill's sending me a T?!?!?"

    That is so freaking cool!!!!

    I will reciprocate.

  2. David, You have been the best supporter of Rocket and Me by referencing it on your blog and commenting here regularly. Believe it or not, R&M is growing in readership, but still a speck on a gnat's rear. I enjoy posting my little musings and report on the rides, hoping some others might enjoy the words and photos. But you are the most deserving and will be getting a tee shirt soon. Was I right on XL or would another size be better?

    1. XL, sadly, yes. Should fit perfectly :)

      Blog traffic is a mystery, largely run by Google ;)

    2. David, Tee shirt coming your way.

  3. er. I have Asperger's so I follow instructions. If you want people to read may I suggest you add a blog list to your page? You are hard to find for those who don't read advrider etc...A blog list sucks people in.

  4. Michael, I tried that recently and couldn't find the magic button to put a list on R&M. Please offer advice if you can. Your tee shirt went in the mail yesterday. Should be a few days in transit, but you may have it by the weekend.