Monday, June 29, 2015

Jeep Comanche

Moves require trucks, as long as you are doing much of it yourself.  Because we are moving temporarily, then closing on the new house and moving again in three weeks, we have been running boxes and other items around town for the past month.

Sarah's business partner has a husband who loves having an old Jeep Comanche for these tasks.  He generously offered to let us use it for the weekend.  It was very helpful and brought complements almost everywhere I went.  It has a certain charm that is missing from newer pickup trucks.

Of course, while in my possession, I rolled the hand cranked driver side window down and it wouldn't come back up.  This was on a weekend when storms came in twice on both Saturday and Sunday.  We covered it with a tarp overnight and when sitting for long, but storms bring wind and, in the last one, it blew off the protection, allowing the seat to get wet.  I am going to get it to a repair shop today to, at least, get it in the up position.

This truck has no power steering, making it very different to steer than any car I have driven in years.  To make up for the lack of power, it turns, and I checked this, 5 1/2 turns lock to lock.  This is twice as many turns as my Miata requires.  It takes muscle too.  But it is still a lot of fun to drive around.

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