Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Go Fast

I am not sure why, but I always feel that I should be riding faster.  Whether it is around the neighborhood or on a mountain pass, I want to speed up to either get there quicker or have more fun.

I don't speed all the time.  I always slow down to a reasonable pace through towns, but the urge to speed is always there.

Last fall, my impatience made it a little harder to make new friends with Kevin and Noreen at the Spring Gathering, because I got tired of following and blasted by both of them on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Luckily I apologized profusely, understanding that it was not a nice thing to do.  We are friends now.

When leading our club rides in the mountains, when I know that we are not turning anytime soon and the others can't get lost, I will sometimes race ahead, hitting the curves as fast as I feel I can safely pass.  Then stop on the side of the road to let the others catch up.

On the highways I find it amazing that my little 198cc scooter can not only keep up, but pass the cars around me.  I often pull up behind a car, find an opening and race past.  It works especially well going downhill, of course, but it is a blast for me.  I find it to be sporting, to make my way through the traffic as fast as I can, safely.  We all have found our way to get out kicks, I do it on a scooter.

The innocuous new speed vessel, Razzo.


  1. It's called making progress. If others don't want to they have the option of pulling aside and letting you by. I do it when I am ( rarely ) in the mood to potter/bimble.

    1. Michael, I just prefer to keep moving as quickly as possible. On another note, I just picked up your tee shirt. Should be coming to you in a few days. Bill