Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A Little Help

Last year I wrote here about a Sym Simba that is owned by a neighbor on the same street as my office.  I had briefly met the owner, Jamal, then, and expressed an interest in riding it one day.

This past Sunday I was riding to the office and saw him at the bike working on the rear tire.  So I pulled up and listened to the issues.  He had been letting the bike sit recently and came out to find low pressure a week before.  He filled it with air and it held.  But this time it was flat.  When I pulled up he using a spoon to get the inner tube out from between the tire and the rim,  He also had a compressed air tank that he had recently purchased, hoping to use that to fill the tire.  The fact that the Simba uses an inner tube meant to me that it probably was not going to work without replacing the tube.

I said to stop and not use the tank as I had a compressor in the back of the Miata just down the street.  So I got that and we attempted to inflate the tire.  I knew it would be a futile effort as it never could hold even one pound of pressure.

I then contacted Boris via phone.  He looked for a new tube but did not have one in the warehouse.  I suggested to Jamal that he go to Cycle Gear to get the tube and have Boris install it on the bike.

I then left to get some things done and heard later via text message that Boris had repaired the tire and Jamal was offering thanks for putting the two of them together.

Life is better when we work together, especially when everything works to a satisfactory result.


  1. Nice t -shirt I got in the mail! Looks good in real life.


    1. I am glad that you like it. White should be nice and cool for your island life.