Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The 7 Bridges Morphous Club

Within the past two weeks, two members of the 7 Bridges Scooter Club have bought Yamaha Morphous scooters.  This was an addition to the long and low scooter trend started by the Honda Helix, but sent to new heights (or lows) with the Morphous.

The styling can best be described as 1990's Cadillac.

This is a 250cc scooter that has a seat height of at least six inches lower than the large frame Vespas.  It looks much longer but performs similarly.

Both new owners appear to love them.  Charlie likes it better than his other three scooters and Mike was beaming.


  1. Replies
    1. Russ, Someone last night mentioned that the club has gone from vintage years ago to nothing but modern these days, other than your P200 and Stella (vintage looking). Skip's mess of a Stella too. And my Lambretta that has never been on a club ride. The Morphous's are the most modern looking of any scooter, so it is representative of our direction. I prefer the moderns for our rides, so it works for me.

  2. I heard the same comment last night and shook my head. If we limited ourselves to just vintage, you could count all the members on one hand. We have evolved with the times and will continue to do so as other trends develop. I like the mix we have. Any size scoot on Tuesday nights and larger scoots on Sunday rides. With the new Thursday rides twice a month that combine the two, we have something for everyone. More than 70 different people have turned out for a ride so far in 2016, so it must be working!

    1. It is a good group with a fine leader. No problems here, other than overbooking myself all year.

    2. I've spoken to a number of Morpheus and Burgmann riders who swear by those flying couches. I suppose my description reveals a little of my feelings about them. The form and design of what I ride is really important and there are just some things who's appearance leaves me cold. These scooters, full dress Harleys, sportbikes of any kind, upright vacuum cleaners, leisure suits (except for special occasions) and Dodge RAM pickup trucks.

      But what makes the world interesting is all our varied ideas and tastes.

      When I look at the photo -- what struck me though was a tattoo sign. We're you all gathering for one?

      Steve Williams
      Scooter in the Sticks

    3. Steve, Your opinion on scooter and other aesthetics parallel mine. Thumb up! But many love them.

      The photo was one Russ took at our second choice dinner stop, Grafitti Burgers on 3rd in Jacksonville Beach. Nobody crossed the street that night for a new tat. Other than Mike, who rode one of these sofas, we are mostly tattoo free.

  3. Cool. I like offbeat vehicles and those fit the bill. Not enough to own one though. But if I was rich, and had a large garage or barn, I'd have a collection for sure.