Monday, March 28, 2016


I have been wanting a workbench for the garage, ever since moving into the new house last year.

While looking at the newspaper yesterday, I noticed an ad for Harbor Freight that had a hardwood workbench on sale.

So I checked to see if they were open on Easter, they were, and headed there in the morning to check it out.  It didn't disappoint as I was surprised by the apparent quality of the unit.

I purchased it and, luckily, a big burly fellow wheeled the flat pack out and installed it in my car.

I drove to the garage in the back yard and pulled it out, placing the box in the right side of the garage.

We went to Easter dinner at my brother's house, then upon coming home, I decided to start the assembly.

In pulling the pieces out of the box, I could see that it was well packaged and protected.  The instructions were clear and concise.

I got it together in a couple of hours and am still impressed with the quality.  It has a few laminate over fiberboard pieces, but these are either drawer bottoms or non visible parts.

I am pleased with the results.

Sturdy and well designed.

A Vise and felt lined drawers.


  1. Interesting find.

    Why does it have those four dowels?

    1. David, they are removable and can be used as guides or whatever to hold something in place. I will take them, and the black bolts out and keep them in one of the drawers.