Saturday, March 5, 2016

70,000 miles for Rocket

I have been riding Rocket more lately, since some minor repairs that have it running great again.  Last night, it was just 45 miles short of 70,000, so I took advantage of a beautiful morning and made a loop around some of my favorite roads in the area.  As often is the case, I stopped by Everybody's, this time for breakfast.

The milestone came on 121 just north of Baldwin,

The new milestone for Rocket 

Got caught by a train and took the opportunity to take some photos.

We stopped to marvel at the winter woods.

And checked out some cows near Callahan.


  1. 70,000 miles is one heck of a distance for a Vespa, but nowhere near the end of its useful like.

    Somewhere in the next 10-15 thousand miles or so, it would be very worthwhile to follow David Bogner (Treppenwitz)'s example and find a donor bike. A shout out to some of the dealers and mechanics on ModernVespa might work wonders.

    1. David, Rocket has held up well so far. No donor needed yet, but I already have two others. I would willingly take any of the three on any ride. Should I need a new engine, I have my friend George (motovista) to help me find one.

  2. Bill, it sounds like you have it covered regarding the mechanical help should it arise!
    That's really great miles though.
    Proof that the GTS is not frightened of knocking up the miles.