Friday, March 11, 2016

Froggie and Me

Froggieposition (Amy Scott) and Scutrbrau (Rick Snyder), two prominent contributers to Modern Vespa and friends from a couple of other gatherings, were in town this week. We had lunch on Wednesday, and Thursday, Rick took off on an Iron Butt ride with fifty or more other riders, leaving Amy with nothing to do.

Well, we fixed that with a ride to Fernandina Beach for lunch. The ride covered some of the best parts of North Florida, topped off with a Cuban Sandwich and cold coffee at Hola, just off Centre Street, the heart of Historic Fernandina Beach, Florida. It was a day spent the way I like it. Beautiful weather, nice ride with a friend. I hope it won't be too long before we can do it again.

I got some photos, all pointing back at Amy. 

Mathews Bridge leaving downtown Jacksonville

Approaching the center span of the Dames Point Bridge

Amy on the center span

Big Talbot Island

Amelia Island Parkway

We stopped by one of my houses under construction and the owner was there.

Amy leaving the restaurant

A fine rider


One more nice road on Amelia Island


  1. Bill you are one lucky guy, meeting all those MV VIPs.

    1. Rick and Amy are such nice people, just like almost everyone I have met through scooting. It was a real pleasure having lunch with both of them, then the ride and lunch with Amy was all fun. I would gladly do it all again tomorrow.