Monday, March 14, 2016


My friend George, Motovista on MV, and his friend Christy came to town this weekend to ride with the 7 Bridges Scooter Club on their Sunday ride.  I didn't ride as Sam was in town for our annual Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance trip (an upcoming post), and it turned out that they ran behind getting to town and just hung out in Orange Park.

George let me know that they were here and we arranged lunch at the Mossfire Grill, owned by my friends Drew and Scooter.

They rode down on their Scooter Cannonball Run scooters, George's a Malossified Vespa GT, now with a larger displacement and much more power.  Cristy was on her Kymco Yager, bought just for the adventure.

After lunch, George and I swapped scooters for a brief test.  I was in front on his and easily pulled away from Razzo, the scooter of choice today.  I hit 75 mph while he had trouble reaching 65 in the conditions.  I am quite sure that if we were on our own scooters the speeds would have been closer, but his is a speed machine.

I enjoyed seeing both of them and look forward to the upcoming competition.

Me on George's speedy GT.  
It will be untouchable if George can keep it on the road, and follow the maps.

George and Christy


  1. We need more guys like George on the Cannonball who try to push the limit on his machine like Lee did in 2012. The question is will it still be running on day 11. Of course with George's wrenching ability I am sure it will at least limp to the finish line.

    1. I agree Ken, I sure wish Jess, Patrick, Rich and the other early riders would return. This is a fine course that should be a great test of rider and scooter. I am not sure who is truly competing, but it may come down to George, Dave, Mark, me and several returners and newcomers.

  2. Replies
    1. Of course Walt. He will be on a competitive scooter. Not nearly as fast as George's Malossistein machine, but a lot of speed for a 108 handicap.