Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Big Spring Ride: Part One: The ride to NC

I left as the sun was coming up this morning.

For some reason, I had never felt comfortable with the preparations but it all finally came together.

Part of the discomfort is that there will be five days riding two up with bags for two. One of my bags was sitting where Kylie will be sitting soon, so it still has to get worked out.

I have two sets of ROC straps, so we can come up with something.

Within the first three miles I was confronted with a slow moving train blocking my route, so I turned around, filled the tank and took the highway around to US1.

Then my left elbow started hurting a little, then my neck, then I had to stop to pee a few times.

Nothing was as easy as normal.

Then my neck got sore, then sort of sore all over, but I made the 450 miles in 9 hours. It felt good to unload the bike and lay down.

The smaller than usual crowd then assembled to reacquaint each to the others. It is a nice bunch.

I am looking forward to dinner and a couple of beers.


A rare selfie taken somewhere in Georgia. I thought I would show off my chins.

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