Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Cub Style Motorcycle

I have a history with the Cub style bike.

Twenty nine years ago I moved to Bermuda, where I worked for three years.

The first week there I bought a Suzuki FB100, Suzuki's version of the Cub.

At 100 cc, it was the maximum engine displacement allowed on the Island.

The purchase price was $800. I sold it three years later for $450, so it was a great value.

I rode it to work every day, only a mile each way.

Golf clubs were carried on it on the weekends (golf has given way to scooting on weekends these days)

This shot is my wife's 88 year old grandmother riding with me during a visit in 1992.

I think I would really like to have a Super Cub.


Me and Freda on my Suzuki FB100

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