Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Selling Razzo

Back to scooting: I have been thinking that I might have more scooters than I really need, not that need has much to do with owning these things.

The only GT that has any value to anyone except me is Razzo, the perfect 2005 model.

The paint and details all look new, even at 14 years old and 28,500 miles.

It has a windshield, top case and the controversial floor mat.

I fixed the wobble recently by installing a new front tire so it is truly a good one.

A good friend (and client) asked to borrow it yesterday to ride around the neighborhood to see the houses on the annual Home Tour.

I offered it to him casually a few weeks ago and since riding, I think he likes it.

I would feel much better about selling if Vanessa was working or the Zuma licensed, but even without these I will still have two that run great.

And with the proceeds after selling Razzo and the Lambretta, I could buy something new, leaning towards a Honda Super Cub or Kymco Spade.


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