Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Big Spring Ride: Part Ten: New Friends

We went looking for a place to eat last night.

Our first stop was a wine shop where a nice couple was finishing their wine.

We didn't stay there but headed to the local Oyster House, where the couple arrived just after us.

We talked a lot with them and found out that they were from Miami, but had bought an old estate in Albany.

I told them we would like to drive by and they invited us for a tour.

We rode by today and they were so kind to show us the house and continue the nice discussions we had at the restaurant.

It is a spectacular piece of architecture. Very nice couple too.

Traveling is always made more fun when you can meet new friends.


Elaine and Mike in front of their fine old house.

Of course, we had to have a shot with a scooter.

At the front door.

Beautiful woodwork inside.

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