Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Million Dollar Scooter

My friend Ken, Lostboater to most of you, bought his first scooter many years ago.

It is a red Vespa 150LX.

He has ridden it across the country and on many shorter rides. He loves it.

A few years ago a group of young riders rode Vespa 150s across the country. They were coming from Los Angeles, Sherman Oaks Vespa in particular.

The group included a few famous young men, the most famous of them was Armie Hammer, star of the big screen in numerous films.

Also in the group was an artist named Tyler Ramsey.

One rule they had was that they couldn't stay in hotels, only camping or at homes when invited.

Ken invited them to stay at his house in St. Petersburg. I invited them to stay with me in Jacksonville, but it wasn't on their way to Key West.

While there, Ken admired a Vespa that Tyler had painted and Tyler offered to paint Ken's scooter.

Tyler's painting technique is that he throws paint onto the surfaces. These can be canvas, scooters or even a Ferrari (see attached)

If Tyler ever reaches the level of "Darling of the critics", Ken's scooter could easily fetch over one million dollars.

He doesn't care. He still rides it whenever he feels like it, even on a 500 mile ride recently to Wakulla Springs and Cedar Key with me.

I would have been upset if Tyler had painted one of mine, but I am not nearly as smart or adventurous as Ken.


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