Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Big Spring Ride: Part Six: Vermont

Today, Thursday, wbdvt (Barry) came to visit and ride with Kylie and me for a part of our trip to Thornton, NH.

He came bearing gifts, that Kylie and I are enjoying as we sit in the little cabin motel room while it drizzles outside.

We got an early dinner and am enjoying some quiet time.

We had a good ride today with a late breakfast in a little diner in Woodstock, VT, a town I would come back to visit anytime.

After that, the New Hampshire roads were all rough with very low speed limits, so it drew out the 120 mile ride.

After checking into the little motel, Kylie and I headed for a mountain road and found a good one.

Tivoli Road was freshly paved, no guardrails, signs or electric power lines. Just a smooth road through the forest.

We got to the top and returned back down. Nothing but beautiful.

We had dinner at the Covered Bridge Restaurant down the road, then headed back in the drizzle.

Another fine day.

Me and Kylie leaving Hunter, NY

Kylie and Barry

Following Barry on 11

Selfie of Kylie with no chins this time.

Vermont's finest, a gift from Barry. Thank you!

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