Tuesday, May 28, 2019

I Changed My Mind

I didn't sell Razzo.

I had seller's remorse before the buyer came to pick up Razzo.

I sent him a message asking if it would be OK if we didn't go ahead with the sale and I keep the beautiful machine.

The thing that prompted the change of heart was that I rode it around the neighborhood today and wondered why I would sell such a perfect machine.

I know that it is much better for me than a Super Cub or a Spade.

When I got back his answer it almost made me cry.


P.S.  I posted about this on Modern Vespa.  My food friend 😉 BD found offense with me backing out of the sale and let me have it.  Totally understandable knowing our sour relationship.  Two more joined in showing their disapproval.  I get it, but it was a different type of sale agreement and I still offered it to Kevin if he really wanted it.  He was fine with the change of heart.

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