Sunday, July 19, 2015

Wisconscoot update

It is now Sunday morning and the first time I have had the time and WiFi connection to write anything. I will add photos and descriptions in the coming days.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. On Thursday I arrived at noon in Madison, took Uber to the Sullivan house where I met Robert. He was letting me use his spare Vespa GTS. I wanted to see Frank Lloyd. Wright's school, Taliesin, in Spring Green but it was interrupted by rain. I made it but didn't see the school.

My son Sam arrived on Thursday night from Chicago after riding through a huge storm.

I have met some very nice people and had a great time with Sam. More to come...

The gang at lunch on Friday

The beautiful Vespa GTS on the way to Taliesin.

Another of the GTS along a big farm.

The Taliesin Visitor's Center in a downpour.

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