Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Returning to Madison

Sam had to be back in Chicago Sunday night for work on Monday.  I had to return the fine GTS to the Sullivans too, so we headed out from Sparta on our own Sunday morning.  Sam selected the route that kept us off highways entirely while running on mostly state roads.  We did go through the Wildcat Mountain Park again and took advantage of those twisty treats.

Wildcat Mountain.
I took this photo, then quickly realized that the corner was coming up fast and quite sharp.
I braked hard and made it easily, but then put the camera down until we were back on the flat roads.

Darth Sam

One of the small towns we passed through

More beautiful Wisconsin farmland

New Glarus, 17 miles

We headed to New Glarus, a town founded by Swiss immigrants in the mid 1800's, just like my great grandfather Hans Heinrich Leuthold.  Sam wanted to go there for other reasons, namely the New Glarus Brewery, his current favorite.  We did a sampler of three beers each, then he bought a six pack to take home.  We then went into town for a lunch of bratwurst at a Swiss restaurant.  From there I sent him on his way home.  He texted me five hours later saying that the three hour ride took longer due to huge traffic of Chicago residents returning home from the weekend.

Sam at the New Glarus Brewery.  Nice shirt.

Sam in New Glarus

The Swiss Historical Village in New Glarus.  We didn't go in

The approach to the brewery.

Downtown New Glarus

I started for Taliesin again but abandoned and decided to find a hotel to relax, then take the Sullivans to dinner at the restaurant of their choice, a nice Japanese restaurant just north of downtown Madison.  We had the fine dinner, then they dropped me off at the hotel and Robert rode the scooter home as Nora drove the car.  It was wonderful of them to loan me the scooter for the time I was there. It was perfect for me and the rides planned.

On my ride back to Madison after sending Sam off to Chicago

More Wisconsin farmland.  The greenest place I have ever seen.

Comfort Inn Madison

On the way to dinner I shot this from the back seat of the Sullivan's car.


  1. What a great trip Bill. You are a very lucky guy.

    1. I really am a lucky guy. It took a while, but I found the activities that I truly love and pursue them whenever possible. Riding with Sam always makes me happy.

  2. Looks like a nice time in New Glarus. Great little town. Did you find the ginormous urinal? I know the brewery is nice, but one needs priorities. ;o)

    Need to start scheming for a return visit by you and Sam....

    1. We both had a great time. We will be back! We enjoyed the beer samples at New Glarus but missed the urinal.

    2. Missed the urinal? Too much beer.

      Reminds me of a sign in a men's restroom: "We aim to please. You aim too please!"

    3. That is a good one, David. They are smart with samples at the brewery. Three, five ounce samples for $8.00. And you keep the glass. We stopped there, but the beer was very good.