Thursday, July 10, 2014

Fireball Refinement

I have had several suggestions regarding the Fireball 500 (I have dropped Florida to keep it simple.)

One is that for the Cannonball type riders, 250 miles is insufficient.  I am looking at ways to bring it up to 300 each day.  

Then, in looking at the route.  Anyone coming from out of state will probably want to ride along the Atlantic Ocean, so I added a stretch from Ormond Beach to Crescent Beach.  It also helped to lengthen Day Two.  Right now I have Day Two at just under 300 miles, over 6 1/2 hours on Google.

Any suggestions are welcome.


  1. I'm a tourist not a Cannonballer. Making a beeline from State College PA to Hartford CT last year we did about 340 miles. We only stopped for gas and food and we were on Interstates most of the way. We left at about 8 and rode till about 5 or 6 I think.

    The next day we did Hartford to Portland ME, about 200 miles, same riding time. The difference was much slower secondary roads thrown in, but still some Interstate.

    Riding with a group slows that pace even more.

    300 miles on secondary roads sounds like a very early start and riding to close to 8:00 pm perhaps, definitely either solo or at most three riders to a group.

    I'd be concerned about deer.

  2. David, That is why I have planned for the group rides to take a shorter route to Cedar Key. Our club has, on many occasions, ridden across the state to the Gulf of Mexico at the fishing towns of Horseshoe Beach, Cedar Key, Ozello, Suwannee and Steinhatchee. These group rides start early, around 7:30, and we are home by 5:00, but these are round trips. The distance from Jacksonville to Cedar Key, if a short route, is only 130 to 140 miles, so we can come up with separate routes for Fireballers and tourists. FIreballers around 300 miles each, that should take around 6 hours. Tourists, even slow ones, should make it in 4 maximum, even with several stops.

    1. Sounds delightful Bill.

      I think I may make to Key West in 2015.

      If and when plans firm up I'll keep you in the loop.

  3. I have been to Key West. It is not for me, especially with the ride down going through South Florida. I will try it again, but I believe that there just aren't any good motorcycle roads south of Orlando. I prefer to head north to the North Carolina mountains.

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