Monday, July 28, 2014

Riding to St. Petersburg

Cannonball friend Ken (Lostboater) lives in St. Petersburg.  He loaned me some minor tools while on the Cannonball Run that I didn't get back to him before we parted in New Orleans.  So it felt like a good excuse for a ride.  Then Suellen (Tupelosue) said she was visiting the area this week to see some cousins.  

I decided to visit and see them both on the same trip and have been trying to decide on the machine to take down.  I have been having the full throttle overheating issues with Rocket so riding that one is questionable.  The Honda is new, fast and very reliable so riding that would be easy.  If the weather is bad, I might have to take the Miata.

Ken has now decided to try to repair his GTS, Big Red, and needs to know some measurements around the right cowl so he can tell the extent of the damage from the accident in that area.  Because GTs and GTSs are almost identical in that area, it may help him to have the two scooters side by side for the comparison.

The weather looks good so I will probably throw caution to the wind and ride Rocket down.  Just stay off full throttle for any distance and see if it can survive the ride.


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  2. I hope all goes smoothly. Don't forget to post pics.

  3. Communication with Suellen is sporadic, but I do know that she has arrived in Tampa and that her visit with her cousins is not going to be as it was initially. I am hoping it all works out. I took Rocket for a shakedown ride yesterday after work, riding out I-10 to I-295 around to US-17. Maybe 20 miles. I held the speed down to an indicated 75 mph, probably around 67/68 real mph and had no issues. The temperature went up when I stopped for the light onto US 17, for an unreasonable 3 or 4 minutes in 90+ degree heat, but that is to be expected. It went back down once moving again. The back tire needs changing but another 450 miles won't be a problem. I also might try to go down this afternoon so I can be back tomorrow evening. If I can get off by 2:30 I will take Rocket. If later, I will take the Honda as it will allow me to get there at least an hour faster. If I go tomorrow I can leave very early and get there easily on Rocket.

  4. The funeral lasted too long to make the trek to Tampa tonight. So I will be off in the morning.

  5. I have decided to have no worries and take the Honda. Off early in the morning tomorrow.