Monday, July 14, 2014

7BSC Ride to Gainesville

Yesterday, Russ, Tom and I rode to Gainesville to have lunch at the Reggae Shack.  Adam met us there for lunch, then rode with us to Lake City and returned home to Alachua.

I selected the route, through some of my favorite roads in the area.  We had lots of time, leaving Fleming Island at 9:00 with the restaurant not opening until 11:00, so we took the long way.  We went south to Penney Farms, then over on 16 to 21.  From there we turned south on 315C and 214 and 219 to Melrose.  From there south to Micanopy through Windsor and Rochelle.  

From Micanopy, it was 441 north through Paynes Prairie, under the DNA bridge to Reggae Shack.  

Heading home, I wanted to try Price Creek Road, 245, from south to north.  It was not nearly as nice as from north to south, but still good.  Then 90 back to Jacksonville. 

It was a very nice ride, especially because we missed the rain entirely.
Approaching Penney Farms from the north

On 16 near Penney Farms

On 16 near Penney Farms


                                                          The DNA bridge in Gainesville

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