Monday, March 9, 2015

Ride to Darien, Georgia

The Sunday scooter ride this week was to Darien, Georgia for lunch at B&J's restaurant.  

We had 8 or 9 leave Bojangles for the 100 mile ride north.  One, Skip, on his motorcycle, began having engine trouble on the Dames Point Bridge and abandoned the ride.  Russ stayed back with him and headed out to find us.  We met up again at the US-17 bridge crossing the St. Marys River into Georgia.  Soon after that we met up with the Georgia Boys in Kingsland for the remainder of the ride up.

After our usual stop at what was the Goasis off the interstate near Brunswick, we rode near Brunswick to Darien.  At the restaurant we met up with Elaina, who injured her knee in a spill in New Orleans and hasn't ridden since.  She is mending and planning to join the Virginia ride coming up in April.

I was riding my new beauty, It is a 2005 Vespa GT.  On Saturday, I took off the rear tire to have it changed by a local mechanic, Mike.  The exhaust comes off for the tire change and I noticed that the exhaust gasket was nearing the end of its life, so I changed it too.  Then I put Rocket's front tire on as the tire that came with it was now ten years old.

On the return ride, I abandoned the group where we crossed I-95 as I wanted to get a new Florida map at the Florida welcome station and test the new scooter with the new 140 tire on the highway.  I hit 80 without really trying hard so it is going to be fine.

Mike changing the back tire

New scooter at Bojangles for the start.  I was late as I couldn't find my keys.

She is shiny!

Off we go

The US-17 Bridge at the St. Marys River.  The other side is Georgia.

Picking up the Georgia Boys


Plenty of food for $9.00, including drink.
All you can eat buffet.

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