Monday, March 23, 2015

Lambretta is on the Road!

Boris and Eric got the Lambretta running on Saturday. They got it put back together and I rode it home.  It needs a little fine tuning to make it workable.  The cables for the front brake and clutch are stiff and not working well.  The front brake got a little better as I rode, but the clutch was not releasing completely by the time I got home.  Probably a minor adjustment that I will make one night this week.

The left hand shifter will take some getting used to.  I am certain that with a new cable and some lubrication, it will be easier to use.  It currently takes two hands to get it into first some times as it is so stiff. 

The ride is quite smooth with the long wheelbase and soft springs, but the vibration from the engine is quite intense.  The seat is rudimentary and knee space limited.

I will not feel comfortable riding it until I get at least one rear view mirror.

It still has the 1975 Lousiana license tag on it.  I still don't have the title so that will have to wait.

But I am pleased to have it and look forward to smoothing all the rough edges.

Boris or Eric riding at the warehouse (I can't tell on this video)


  1. I am not familiar at all with Lambrettas but I find with my 1979 Vespa that oiling the cables helps as does setting the cables for the shift selector. How to do that on a Lambrettas I couldn't say. Gene at Scooters Originali loves Lambrettas and sells parts for them. He restores Vespas to make money.

    1. I am hoping that Boris got the cables in for installation this weekend. It is a cool scooter. I have always had manual transmissions in my cars and motorcycles, but this one is so balky that it makes riding a chore. But I am sure that it will get better as it gets used.