Monday, August 4, 2014

Sym Symba

I have been noticing a neighbor riding a Sym Symba around my office recently.  It is a Honda Cub or Passport clone, 110 cc with a four speed transmission with an automatic clutch.  

My friend and Cannonball competitor, Binh, rode one from his home in San Jose, California to the Arctic Circle in Alaska a few years ago.  A couple are riding one around the world as we speak.

So, today I rode my bicycle to work and noticed the owner getting on to go to his work.  I stopped to say hello.  His name was Jamal and he was very friendly once he understood that I was a scooter riding neighbor.  I asked if I could try it out some day and he agreed.  

It is very similar to the Suzuki FB100 I had in Bermuda in the early 1990's.  That one had a three speed.  I bought it for $800. and sold it for $450. three years later, so it was very economical to own.  

I would like to own one to add to my stable but not right now.

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