Thursday, August 7, 2014

Ride to Amelia Island on Rocket

Yesterday I rode Rocket up to Amelia Island.  It is a 40 mile ride each way and was done as a site visit for a house we designed.

As has been the usual issue recently, I got halfway there and at a red light, I noticed the exhaust gasket leaking.  I decided to ride there to make the appointment with the contractor, especially since the Amelia Island Plantation does not allow motorcycles (scooters too) through the gate so he had to meet me outside.

We looked at the minor issues he had with the design and he took me back to the scooter for my return.

I removed the exhaust and re-installed the gasket before the ride back and now figured out that the gasket keeps coming out because I have not been crimping the pipe back tight to the gasket before installing back on the header.  I did crimp it this time.  It made it harder to re-install but held for the entire ride home.  Let's see how it holds up in the future.

Inside the main room of the house.  Two stories with a balcony hall on three sides.

The back porch and steps.
It had to be built up because of the flood plain, but that also enhances the views

The Clubhouse as viewed from the house.

The south end of the house.  They are framing for the screened porch.


  1. Those gaskets are a pain.

    Very impressive that you carry tools that allow that job to be done. I carry tools, but not that would suit that repair.

    Is your speed issue resolved?

  2. Hi David, It still slows when running wide open for a distance. I think I will run to Everybody's for lunch today. It is in Baldwin, 20 miles west of my neighborhood, that gives me a chance to ride on I-10 at speed. I am quite certain that it is still there but it is also fun to test it. It ran fine going to Amelia Island, but that only had a few miles of speed, and I didn't push it very hard.

  3. David, I rode it out and back to Everybody's for lunch today, maintaining 68 to 73 mph with an occasional jaunt to 75-76. It made it fine the entire way with maximum speed just before turning off to go back to work. No exhaust blow out too. So, maybe it is getting settled down again.

    1. Funny how it's essentially science with machines, but their behaviour is sometimes more human. As if a motor would settle down and get over the grumps. And yet...

  4. I find Rocket to be quite organic. It seems to have mood swings and occasionally heals itself.