Saturday, August 16, 2014

Back on the road.

This morning I took Rocket to the warehouse where I took apart the entire front end so we could straighten the steering and punch out the dent in the leg shield.  I got it apart myself with a little assistance from Boris' brother Eric.  We straightened the steering easily.  Directly behind the dent is the CDI that I removed to provide access. Then Eric got the punch out and banged it straight, or at least straight enough.

I put it together but had trouble matching screws with holes.  Eventually everything fit and it was fine.  The last thing was to put the taillight and license plate back on, so I could ride legally.

It rides like a champ and the parts should all arrive this week.  The last thing will be to repair the scratches in the side cowling.  That will take a body shop.

In the operating room.  Headset off.

Headset and glove box panels removed

Clean shot of the back of the panel to be straightened.

Back together.  Good enough to ride again.  Probably legal too.

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