Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Rocket Accident

It finally happened to me and Rocket.

I was riding between my house, where I had to go to prepare the house for a showing and Riverside Presbyterian Church where I was to meet with others on the landscape design committee.

I was right in front of St. VIncent's Hospital when a car came to a stop right in front of me.  I saw it right away and easily slowed to a stop behind it.  I was looking in front of the car to see why it was stopped when I was hit from behind.  The hit forced me into the car in front and I went down on my right side.  I hit my helmet on the pavement lightly and jumped up feeling OK.

Rocket has damage at the rear end, broken light, broken license plate holder, etc., and a small dent on the front.  The windshield is broken and the steering got skewed slightly.

I got a small scrape on my elbow.  

I am quite sure that insurance would total Rocket as it is old and worn, but we won't be going that route.  I am certain that Boris can get it repaired and back on the road easily.

A police officer stopped briefly to check on us.  He said I should buy lottery tickets as I am lucky to be unharmed.

Broken windshield

Dent in front leg shield.

No License plate and broken tail light

The extent of my damage

And the Prius damage

This shot shows the damage the best


  1. Oh Bill, too bad! Really lucky, but man, that sucks.

    I try to keep my eyes on the action behind, but your situation sounds unavoidable.

    Boris' reputation is going nowhere but up when he gets this sorted, which I am sure he will.

  2. Yes, David, it sucks. But I got it started and rode it a few blocks back to my office. It ran fine and didn't feel out of sorts at all. There is a clean dent on the front leg shield, I know, the frame, but I am certain that it can be straightened without compromising the structure. The rest of the broken parts are the tail light, license plate holder, light for the plate, windshield and the side skirts. It won't take a rocket scientist to get it repaired.