Friday, August 29, 2014

New Back Tire.

When I posted photos showing the damage to Rocket from the recent fender bender, several comments were made about the worn rear tire.  It had around 5000 miles on it, including the Cannonball and at least 1000 miles since getting home.  I do leave these on longer than most, but have never had a problem.

In my effort to learn how to fix problems myself, I removed the back wheel, took it to a local shop for mounting the tire on the wheel and reinstalled it last night. I had done this with Leslie's scooter as I used her rear wheel as my spare on the Cannonball.  I am getting the hang of it these days.

Now I need to do a couple of belt changes and learn the electrical system.  Then, I will be able to deal with almost anything.

I have been known to wear them out.  
This was in Colorado three years ago when I thought I had plenty of tread
when Rocket left home on a trailer.
The tire before changing.  It looked worse on the other side. 
New tire about to be installed.

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