Friday, August 29, 2014


One thing I dislike about Jacksonville and much of the country these days is the blatant, aggressive nature of some of the citizens.  I fear that we are devolving. 

We had a short ride last Saturday and shared a parking lot with this genius.


  1. Hi Bill. Just rolled around to your blog again....nice to check up on you!

    I share your concerns over devolving here in the US. I think fewer people on the gun thing here, but they're out there....what makes my eyes roll is the "rolling coal" guys...suspect it's just dirty diesel, but they modify their trucks to belch huge clouds of black smoke as they drive off in front of their friends. Guess it's about hating the Federal gummint and it's regulations on air quality, etc, but seems just plain ignorant from my perspective,,,and inconsiderate of those of us who like to breathe. Anyway, like you, had one of these clowns, apparently member of the "Wisconsin chapter" parked in the same lot as us. Was rather hoping it was just a weird internet thing, but saw it with my own eyes. God help us.

  2. I have heard of the smoking truck protests, but have not seen one yet. It does not surprise me that someone would pollute as much as possible to make a statement.