Friday, October 23, 2015

Gary Readdick

I cried this morning, a lot, when I heard the news that our friend Gary Readdick had passed away after a tree trimming accident had hospitalized him a week ago.  He had serious head injuries.  I only knew Gary through riding with him and the other Georgia Boyz on 7BSC rides, mostly heading north.  But Gary was special to me.  Always smiling and happy.

Gary would show up at our Tuesday dinner destinations occasionally, just to be with us for an hour or so, then ride back home to Georgia.  He was always welcome.

I already miss him.

Good Bye Friend.

From my friend Russ Dixon:
 I remember the first time we met him. A couple of years back, we were on a Sunday ride headed up to St. Simons to have lunch at Southern Soul BBQ. We saw this guy at a gas station on an Aprilia 500 but didn't stop. Looked back a little while later and he had caught up with us and started riding along. At the next stop, we introduced ourselves and he asked if he continue on with us to Southern Soul when he found out our destination. Of course we said yes, and he's been riding with us ever since. Introduced us to his friends Roy Hughes and John Day and they became known (to us) as the Georgia Boyz, along with Tom Cyphers.


  1. Those sudden departures just rip a hole in your life.

    1. It is terrible. He was such a good guy. Scooter friends are so special to me that it is a big loss in my life.