Sunday, August 30, 2015

7BSC Ride To Steffens in Kingsland, Georgia

Today's ride was a continuation of the Sunday rides this year.  With the rains coming every afternoon, we have chosen to take shorter rides that leave Jacksonville earlier than usual.  Russ picks a breakfast destination within an hour and a half and we head there from a logical starting point.

This one was to Steffens Diner in Kingsland, Georgia.  We had been there before and had good service and food, so it was an easy choice.

We met up at our usual place, Bojangles on Southside Boulevard. There were nine of us riding together and we went north, over the Dames Point Bridge to Hecksher Drive.  From there we went past the ferry dock onto A1A north to Amelia Island.

The only bad part of the ride is on 200 from the Intracoastal Waterway to US 17 where we headed north, across the Florida Georgia line to Kingsland.

It was busy, but we were seated in less than ten minutes.  My food was great, breaking from my recent good eating habits to have a chicken fried steak with two eggs over hard.  There was gravy too.  I left happy.

But I left in the beginnings of a great rainstorm.  Everyone knew the way home, so I headed out first and alone.  It wasn't one mile before the rains came, and they came heavy.  I could barely see where I was going as I approached the little blue bridge that crosses the St. Marys River.  I had to lift by sunvisor so I could see.  My glasses were all wet and foggy too, but I could tell where I was going well enough to continue.  Jim caught me in Yulee and we rode together for a while until I got tired of stinging my face on fast roads and turned off on Duval Road, taking back roads the remaining twenty miles home.

I got home drenched but satisfied that I was out riding.

Photos courtesy of Russ Dixon.

Heading out from Bojangles

Turning onto Southside Boulevard

On A1A about to cross the Fort George Inlet.
Winds were heavy on the bridges.

On A1A on Big Talbot Island

A1A on Amelia Island

Through the Canopy Road on Amelia Island.

Happy Diners

Suiting up for the wet ride home

 The gang stopping because of the rain.
I had gone ahead and rode through it without stopping


  1. I hope I said this as I recently relocated a comment of yours on my blog: use any picture anywhere any time. No copyright, just acknowledgement if its mine! My blog is a non profit reminder to me of the passage of time.

    1. Thank you Michael, I have no copywrite on mine either. While my photos are rather ordinary, anyone can use them at any time.