Monday, August 24, 2015

Waiting out the Storm

Late yesterday afternoon, I decided that I really needed to ride Rocket to Best Buy in Orange Park to look at cameras.  I checked the weather and it looked like I could make it.

I looked them over and headed home.  I saw the big clouds to the north and west as I turned onto Blanding Boulevard so I took Collins Road to Roosevelt to the east.  As I ran up Roosevelt, I could see that it would be close.  So just four miles from home, as I came to Timuquana Road I could feel the first wind gusts indicating it was close.  I could see the huge clouds and rain ahead, so I ducked into the nearest shelter I could fine, the McDonalds restaurant at that intersection.   I went inside and sat safely at a table and started on Facebook, telling everyone my predicament.  My friend Adam was having a similar problem in Gainesville, but at least he was at Loosey's, a bar downtown.  I was stuck in McDonalds.  Russ suggested I get a milkshake.  I looked at the menu and decided on a smoothie.  But it turns out that the smoothie and milkshake machines had stopped working at the first lightning strike in the area.

I was stuck for an hour, then decided to give it a shot.  I decided to ride up Ortega Boulevard to avoid the much larger Roosevelt Boulevard.  Ortega was flooded and I almost got splashed off the road a couple of times but made it all the way home with minimal wetness. One nice part about riding a scooter is the protection from rain and road water that the leg shield and windscreen provide.

My view for one hour in McDonalds


  1. There are worse fates than sitting in McDonalds admiring your Vespa. 20% of the joy of owning a Vespa is admiring it from a distance ;)

    1. It wasn't long ago that I would have ridden through the storm. But I am getting wiser with age.