Friday, August 21, 2015

Rocket & Me Shirts

A few months ago I had my daughter, Kylie, make improvements to this blog.  I liked her design so much that I had some t-shirts made and offered them to people who read this little blog.

I sent one to the number one reader, David Masse, who surprised me by posting about wearing it during a ride through the Adirondacks with Stephanie Yue.

Courtesy of Stephanie Yue

Then, when I flew up to Wisconsin for Wisconscoot in July, I gave black model t-shirts to the entire Langholff family for organizing the fun event.

I gave one to my son, Sam too.  He wore it on the last day of Wisconscoot.  His visiting with me on that ride made it a very special trip.

And Michael Beattie, Conchscooter, asked for one, which he received and posted this photo on his site, Key West Diary.

I wear mine around town and for sleeping, but it feels a bit self promotional to wear them to scooting events.  Maybe I will get over it soon.


  1. Hey, I resemble someone there. ;)

    No fair dressing up your kids, Bill...though Sam does look rather dapper there.

    1. He is quite the dapper one. I had a blast with him there.

  2. Good Lord. Do it. My blog says use my pictures. I figure I don't have an army of lawyers to worry about copyright of a blog I do for fun and no profit. Use any picture.

    1. I assumed it would be OK, but thought it best to ask. Now I know.