Thursday, August 27, 2015


I went to see the surgeon recommended by my regular doctor.  Upon examination, always fun, he told me that I have three hernias.

And because of a complication, he will not operate on all three at the same time, preferring to do them separately.  He says there is too much danger and pain in doing all three together.

I trust him because he was recommended by people I trust.  It turns out that he is a scooter rider too, owning a 50cc modern Vespa that he rides to work from his house a couple of miles away in Springfield.

It looks like the first surgery, for the biggest and most uncomfortable hernia will take place within the next two weeks.  I am of the opinion that I will try to do all three before the end of the year.  Apparently, these heal quickly so hopefully it will have minimal affect on planned rides.  But you never know.


  1. 'Quickly' is relative of course. As in "my relative Steve was back on his feet in no time at all". Steve's point of view might be slightly different.