Friday, August 21, 2015

Riding Pain

The hernia has led me to the realization that I have always been comfortable on scooter rides until now.

Two weeks ago I rode Rocket on the club ride and didn't feel very comfortable.  I couldn't understand why.  Then riding to and back from Apalachicola last week I was in a good amount of pain.  It took another couple of days to realize what had happened to me.  My doctor confirmed it on Monday.

The only rides where I have had any discomfort over the years were on the Honda and its treacherous seat that I call the "Little Seat of Horrors".  And that is only after a couple of hundred miles.

But, on a scooter, I have ridden 1000 miles in one day with no discomfort at all, other than my hands and left arm getting quite numb and useless for a couple of days.

I rode nine days of the Cannonball at an average of 350 miles per day with no discomfort at all.  Actually nothing but excitement and fun for every mile.

And at least 30 more 300 mile days over the years without ever an issue at all.

I am scheduled to meet the surgeon on Wednesday next week.  Then I hope the surgery can be scheduled soon after that and I can get back to the comfortable rides.

At the start of 3200 miles in nine days.  Not a minute of pain.

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