Thursday, October 16, 2014

Rocket's New Parts Painted

It has now been more than two months since the minor accident that Rocket and I had in Riverside.  It was a light rear ending leading many parts broken, both in the rear and front.

I got the parts within a month, installed most of them so I could ride, then finally painted them over the past weekend.  While Boris had some super paint, he was not at the warehouse when I decided it was time to do the work.  So I went to AutoZone and got RustOleum paints for primer and finish coats.  The finish coat I decided on was designed for plastic parts and was satin.  I chose this because I felt it to be better, since I couldn't match the paint exactly doing it this way. to make it different.

I laid out newspaper on the concrete patio in the back yard, then prepared the pieces.

The fender new factory paint on it.  This was very shiny and slick, even beading water when I washed it, so I got out some fine sandpaper to rough it up a bit.  I also did this on the tag light cover that was old but also had factory paint.  The plastic parts looked ready for primer so I wiped them down with the others using paint thinner to get any oily bits off.

Then I painted the primer, let it set for an hour.  This was followed by two coats of the finish paint.  I tried to keep overspray to a minimum but got a little on the concrete.  I also bumped one of the side covers, leaving a bump in the paint. 

I wasn't expecting perfection and was satisfied with the results.  Rocket looks whole again.  The new paint complements the old, original paint well.

Looks almost like new.

You can see the difference between shiny steel and satin plastic.

During the painting process


  1. Nicely done. Will Boris approve though?

  2. Boris liked it! I still have a couple of pieces to add. The legshield trim, rear reflector and a couple of fasteners. Rocket is running fast but a little rough. I hope it is just showing its age in the rough part. We are riding to the Gulf this weekend. A nice 300 mile day should be good for the old rocketship.