Tuesday, September 30, 2014

7 Bridges Scooter Club ride to North Carolina, 2014

Tomorrow, around ten scooters and riders will be leaving Jacksonville for a five day trip to North Carolina.  This time we are going to Tryon to meet up with Mike Justiss who will be showing us around for the middle days.  We will be staying in nearby Saluda at the Saluda Mountain Lodge.

I have been traveling and the weather here has been rainy, so preparing Rocket has been put off until now.  Last night I put the license plate holder and light on, with the cover being yet another color of plastic on the back as a result of replacing pieces due to the recent accident.  I also tightened up the exhaust clamp, not too tight, and all looks good for the ride.  Today I tested it out by riding to Baldwin for lunch.  It ran great and should be good for the entire ride.
Lets see, light gray side, blue fender and green license light cover.

Then dark gray unpainted plastic on this side.

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