Monday, September 22, 2014


Sarah, Kylie and I traveled to Chicago over the past long weekend to see Sam and his girlfriend Sara.  They moved there last year and we visited last November, but hadn't seen them for a while. So we went.  

We stayed at a trendy hotel downtown, the Wit on State Street just south of the Chicago River.  It was very convenient to the train, as well as shopping (for the girls).

We were moving constantly, eating in nice restaurants, seeing the sites and visiting.  

I enjoy Chicago a lot, but mostly downtown, where it has a lot to offer.  Sam and Sara live near Humboldt Park in an area that could use much improvement.  I hope one day he breaks open his wallet and gets an apartment in a better area.  That will make the visits even better.

Kylie on the train heading into the City.

Kylie and Sarah on the way to lunch from the hotel.

Sam and Sara at a Costa Rican restaurant near Logan Square.

Kylie at Starbucks across from our hotel.  My homage to Edward Hopper.

Cubs game with Clayton Kershaw pitching for the Dodgers.  We used to watch him pitch for the Jacksonville Suns when he was in the minor leagues.

The Frank Lloyd Wright Studio in Oak Park.

Back door entry to Sam and Sara's apartment.

Chicago Institute of Art.

Painting of the Old West at the Art Institute.  I believe that they ran a road down this trail and we rode it on the Cannonball.

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