Saturday, April 29, 2017

Apalachicola Again, With 7BSC.

The spring 2017, 7 Bridges Scooter Club ride, is a two night affair this year.  Yesterday we rode over, 250 miles west from Jacksonville.  There were 11 riders.  Five more were to meet us from the west, three from Pensacola, one from Dothan, Alabama and one a short ride from Panama City.

The Gibson, with a gathering on the porch

Our ride originated at Famous Amos Restaurant on Normandy Boulevard, a fine meet up place as it offers breakfast and is close to the open roads we prefer.

We got off fine, hitting traffic lights either red or green long enough to not split us up.

After another fine BLT at Pouncy's, we continued towards Apalachicola.

9 of us stopped in Eastpoint at Lynn's Quality Oysters, then we rode over the bridge to the Gibson in Apalachicola.

The Gibson in a historic old Victorian hotel in the middle of town.  It has a wonderful bar and wrap around porch that suits us well.

We had dinner at Boss Oyster, then a chat on the porch before I turned in at around 10:00.

Rocket and friends at the start

My favorite local road north of Lake Butler

At the first stop in Fort White

Waiting for the group who missed the light in Perry

In the bar in the GIibson

This is how fresh the oysters are at Lynn's

At Boss Oyster Restaurant

Apalachicola had a party going on

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

That First Ride

Recently, someone posted in Modern Vespa that she had purchased a Vespa GT, then crashed on her first ride.  I wrote a comment that included, "that first ride is the most dangerous"

I know of three incidents of first time riders wrecking during that ride.

One was close to me when I put a first timer on Vanessa, before I owned her, and poor Vanessa got ridden out of the driveway into a parked Land Rover.  I ended up paying over $800. to repair the Land Rover, then bought Vanessa (a purchase that has proved to be a good one).

My friend Ken told me of a time he let someone ride one of his scooters.  They left the driveway, rode straight across the street and crashed into a pile of leaves.

The another, my friend Rob, let another friend ride his GTS.  The scooter lurched when he improperly applied the throttle.  He panicked, jumped off and they both watched the scooter crash to the ground.

All three bad decisions by the owners of the scooters as well as the riders.

That first time is sometimes simply too much for a new rider.

I was reminded of that last week when I let a friend ride Rocket to lunch.  He had been wanting to buy Vanessa when she was around.  I said no but he still wanted to ride one.

We headed down Herschel Street to eat a mile away.  He made it fine.  On the way back I kept thinking that I have ridden down that road at least a thousand times.  I am aware of the potential danger from cars crossing.  I kept thinking, wouldn't it be a shame if someone didn't stop and rode into Rocket and Carlos.  As I was contemplating the possibilities, a car didn't notice Carlos and crossed very closely in front of him.  Closer than one has been to me in all of those rides.  But it missed him and we made it back to the office.  He could ride well but didn't have the experience to be watching for the possible dangers involved in riding.

Vanessa's damage

No fender