Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Back for a Visit. NC and Wisconscoot

It has been a while since I moved this blog to ADV Rider's Battle Scooters forum.

You can find it here:

I have enjoyed seeing it grow there with dozens of readers who often play along.

But I have been asked to get back on here by a few of you and will check in often, now that I have found that I still have access after several password changes and finding I have two Google accounts.

The Russians remain the biggest viewers here, and I remain certain that they are up to no good.

I have continued to have fun on the scooters.

After the May ride that I last posted, I have been on many Oyster and Courthouse Tours with Ken.  Also, I went to Wisconsin and rode around with Sam for a few days and Sarah and I joined Ken, Walt and the rest of the VCdM group for a tour of Portugal in September.

Ken and I visited all of the Florida Panhandle Courthouses in December and I have had other rides as well.

I will start with Wisconscoot 2019.

Sam had me check out a 2003 Nissan Frontier pickup truck that he ended up purchasing.  My next responsibility was to get it to him in Chicago.

I loaded up Max, my 2018 Yamaha XMAX, into the bed of the truck and headed to North Carolina to meet a group of Battle Scooter members for a few days of mountain riding.

It was a new group for me, but I got along with all of them, even though our political views were at opposite ends of the spectrum.  All nice guys who rode well and proved to be nice friends.

Part of the Battle Scooter group in North Carolina

From there I drove to Lisle, Illinois to meet Sam at his office, where we unloaded Max and headed north to Wisconsin.

There, we met up with Dave's Wisconscoot group, a fine bunch of guys who Sam and I have ridden with two times before.  They were easy going and fun to be with again.

Dave wearing a Rocket & Me shirt I gave him a few years ago.

After three nights in the Dairy State, it was time for me to return home.

Sam rode with me to Rock Island, Illinois, where we had lunch and went out separate ways.

From there I headed south for an interstate highway run back to Florida.

Riding into Paducah, Kentucky, dark clouds were forming so I got off of the highway and checked into a hotel where I stayed dry and rode to a Mexican restaurant for dinner.

The next day looked rainy again, but I was determined to ride home.

It drizzled for the first 300 miles with some heavier rain in the mountains near Chattanooga.  This was the most dangerous riding I have tried in a while, as the rain and mist from trucks made it almost impossible to see at times.  But I made it through and out of the rain.  I stopped north of Atlanta where it looked clear for the last 400 miles, but I did find a heavy storm entering Florida, that I luckily skirted and made it home safely.  Wisconscoot to Jacksonville was 1260 miles, covered in two days.  Not bad for a 300cc scooter.

Riding in Wisconsin

Through the woods in Wisconsin. 

A shaded, wooded, curvy road in Wisconsin.

The real reason I go is to spend time with Sam.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Big Spring Ride: Part Eleven: Upstate NY

Today, Ken and I rode to Ithaca from Troy.

We caught a five minute parade in Cooperstown, then made our way into Ithaca.

It is a beautiful area that reminded me so much of the Wisconscoot rides in southwest Wisconsin.

Waiting to go get a steak dinner at Texas Roadhouse in a few minutes.


Memorial Day Parade in Cooperstown.

Passing one of the parade firetrucks heading to Ithaca.

Beautiful countryside around the area.

Taughannock State Park.

Big Spring Ride: Part Ten: New Friends

We went looking for a place to eat last night.

Our first stop was a wine shop where a nice couple was finishing their wine.

We didn't stay there but headed to the local Oyster House, where the couple arrived just after us.

We talked a lot with them and found out that they were from Miami, but had bought an old estate in Albany.

I told them we would like to drive by and they invited us for a tour.

We rode by today and they were so kind to show us the house and continue the nice discussions we had at the restaurant.

It is a spectacular piece of architecture. Very nice couple too.

Traveling is always made more fun when you can meet new friends.


Elaine and Mike in front of their fine old house.

Of course, we had to have a shot with a scooter.

At the front door.

Beautiful woodwork inside.

Big Spring Ride: Part Nine: Lostboater

With Kylie off to New York and Paris, I needed a pick-me-up.

So I met up with Ken in Troy, NY, where we walked thirty miles ( felt like it but was only one and a half miles) to the local oyster bar.

Had a fine dinner and conversation with an interesting couple from Miami who are restoring an old estate in Albany.

Great oysters too.

My kind of evening.


Dining on Oysters, of course, in Troy, NY.

Big Spring Ride: Part Eight: Departing

Sad day for me.

Five wonderful days riding with Kylie.

Probably the most time I have ever spent with just her.

I loved every minute.

Dropped her off at the Portland Airport this morning.

So sad.


Off she goes to Paris.

Big Spring Ride: Part Seven: Portland

Today, Friday, Kylie and I rode from Thornton, NH, in the middle of the White Mountains, to Portland, ME.

The best part of the ride was on the Kancamagus Highway, 35 miles through the White Mountain National Forest.

It was a great road, but today it was cold and windy. 49 degrees at the pass, 22 mph winds with big gusts. It could have been more comfortable.

The remainder of the ride was uneventful, other than the wind, but we made it to the hotel in Portland at 1:00.

We heeded wbdvt's advice and had lunch at Eventide Oysters.

The server got us two each of six different oysters. They all were perfect.

Then I had the Lobster Stew. It was even better. What a fine restaurant.

We then walked around the old port area and had beer at Gritty's followed by a lobster dinner at Portland Lobster Company.

A very good day.

I am going to be very sad to drop off Kylie at the airport tomorrow.

But meeting up with Ken will help.


Cold along the way

Kylie at a stop.

Eventide Oyster House

Not a good photo in general, but a good one of Kylie.
She liked the oysters too.

Big Spring Ride: Part Six: Vermont

Today, Thursday, wbdvt (Barry) came to visit and ride with Kylie and me for a part of our trip to Thornton, NH.

He came bearing gifts, that Kylie and I are enjoying as we sit in the little cabin motel room while it drizzles outside.

We got an early dinner and am enjoying some quiet time.

We had a good ride today with a late breakfast in a little diner in Woodstock, VT, a town I would come back to visit anytime.

After that, the New Hampshire roads were all rough with very low speed limits, so it drew out the 120 mile ride.

After checking into the little motel, Kylie and I headed for a mountain road and found a good one.

Tivoli Road was freshly paved, no guardrails, signs or electric power lines. Just a smooth road through the forest.

We got to the top and returned back down. Nothing but beautiful.

We had dinner at the Covered Bridge Restaurant down the road, then headed back in the drizzle.

Another fine day.

Me and Kylie leaving Hunter, NY

Kylie and Barry

Following Barry on 11

Selfie of Kylie with no chins this time.

Vermont's finest, a gift from Barry. Thank you!