Thursday, January 14, 2016

Snoopy and ScooterBob to Amelia Island

Yesterday I had a project meeting at an oceanfront house I designed on Amelia Island, a barrier island 40 miles north of my office in Riverside.  As usual, because the route is so pretty, I chose to ride up.  This time I rode through downtown, across the Mathews Bridge, then the expressway to the Dames Point Bridge and Chowder Ted's for lunch.

But Amy, the server who has been there forever, told me that there was no way my food could come out quickly enough for me to make the meeting, so I headed out and took some photos of my visitors.  Then a quick stop at Subway for lunch.

We met and all was well with the house, owners and contractor.  Then I went north to the starting point of this year's Scooter Cannonball Run and downtown for a couple of photos.  Then heading home the light was good over the marsh between the Talbot Islands, so I stopped for photos, then calamari and a beer at Chowder Ted's before heading home.

At Chowder Ted's before being turned away because of the big crowd.

The proud ScooterBob at the marshes.

Both at American Beach, a place that was the only beach open to African Americans in North Florida until the mid 1960's.  A sad tale of racism that was all too prevalent in the south.

The street side of the project house under construction

The ocean side of the house project under construction.

Both on the beach

I like this one of Snoopy on the beach.

The 2016 Scooter Cannonball Run will be starting here.

Snoopy in the late afternoon sun. 

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