Sunday, January 10, 2016

ScooterBob to Georgia

Today the Sunday club ride took us to Darien, Georgia for lunch at B&J's Seafood, one of our favorite destinations.

We started at Bojangles, six riders on scooters and motorcycles, me on the Honda.

After crossing into Georgia on US-17, we met up with the Georgia Boyz at Steffens Restaurant in Kingsland,

The narrow bridge crossing into Georgia

ScooterBob at Steffens

The gang at Steffens

From there we crossed the Sidney Lanier Bridge into Brunswick, then 17 miles passing some wonderful low country wetlands into Darien.

Approaching the Sidney Lanier Bridge

At the top of the Sidney Lanier Bridge

Coastal Georgia wetlands

West of the road, US17, heading into Darien

The riders with ScooterBob at B&J's

Chris and Anna with the little wooden scooter

Not a fancy place, B&J's, but nice fried shrimp!


  1. That I could do. Fried shrimp instead of raw live oysters. Besides Geirgia coastal swamps are strangely alluring.

  2. Oysters are a nice treat. I bought some last weekend. Getting them open always seems like an impossible task. Then, slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp, my four oysters were done. Yum!

    Nice photos Bill. There's something about those photos of riders grinning in the company of that little scooter.

  3. Michael, We will have to meet up somewhere for some shrimp. I like all food, so you can pick. North Florida has the same marshes as coastal Georgia, so we can certainly find a good location.