Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My other hobby

I have two hobbies these days, and work isn't one of them.  My favorite is riding any of my three two wheelers, approximately 15,000 miles per year over the past four, almost 20,000 last year. 

The other is running my 1999 Mazda Miata in local AutoCross events.  I have been the Buccaneer Region Jacksonville Chapter C Stock champion from 2007 through 2011.  Not sure about 2012 as I missed several events, and I had second last year as I missed half the runs.

A month ago, we ran at the Gainesville Raceway's road course, where I finished second in a class of 6, and seventh out of 93 overall in the handicapped scoring.  Excellent day for me.  This past Sunday, we tried a new location, the Amelia Island Airport, where the track surface was sketchy and the coned, course set up very tightly.  This should have been good for me, but I couldn't go fast without hitting cones (2 second penalty each).  So I finished third in a class of four, tenth overall out of 53. 

AutoCross is the simplest form of auto racing, everyone runs separately and the runs are timed to allow us to compete.  The competition is in classes and overall.  The overall winner is determined using the PAX scoring, with a multiplier based on a history of times of each class.  I am now running what they call E Street, with a PAX of .814.  

In two weeks we are back at Gainesville.  I have to choose to race or ride with the club to Valdosta, Georgia.  I wish I could do both.


  1. Bill, I sold my Miata last year because I just wasn't driving it. My Vespa was getting my undivided attention. It's not good for a vehicle not to get regular exercise.

    I'm impressed that you are managing to give substantial attention to two vehicles.

    My wife... well let's just say that after my darling wife and my Vespa, once I'm done with my job, all that's left is getting needed sleep.

  2. It is more than those two. I also have a Honda, a Malaguti Ciak 50, and now I am holding another Vespa GT for a friend while she is in Italy for three years. The Miata mostly sits in the garage I have at my office. It gets ridden when it is cold or wet, plus around 12 AutoCross events per year. Oh, and I have a very fine wife and two children, our son now out of college, an engineer working in Chicago, and daughter finishing her third year at University of Florida, studying graphic design.