Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A little early?

I have been communicating with a very friendly person in Prince George.  She says that June 3 is very early to attempt such a ride in the area.  She has seen blizzards in mid June and ice and snow, including the deadly black ice can be on the roads, especially at altitudes.  I sure wish it was starting in mid July instead.


  1. Let's hope we have good weather this June!

  2. June can be iffy in that part of the U.S. When I rode parts of the Rendezvous Rally in 2002 (Puerto Penasco MX-Glen Allen AK, in 7 days), we left Mexico in early June. First leg to Boise 48 hours later was not terribly cold (at night), but the 2nd leg to the north west territories (had 72 hours to get to Whitehorse from Boise), it was raining when I hit 4K feet when I rolled through Kalispell, the rain turned to snow. Wasn't sticking but you get the was cold

    Because I chose the rocky Mountain route through Alberta to get to the 2nd checkpoint (Whitehorse), instead of the lower elevation roads along the coast, and as the same storm I ran into in Montana, I decided to drop out of the rally in southern BC as I had not prepped myself and my ST 1100 enough for the cold

    What the ST needed to make the cold more bearable...wind deflectors on the mirrors to protect the hands from cold, and there were mods to do the same on the fairing lowers for your feet. When your hands and feet get cold, it takes a tougher hombre than I to continue, into the eye of the storm=:-)

    FWIW, after chilling at a nice resort in Kimberly BC for a few days, I thought I'd salvage what was left of my ride by hitting Bear's Tooth Pass in Montana on the way home. The night I hit Red Lodge Montana, it was still snowing, and Bear's Tooth Pass was closed due to drifting snow...that storm was following me home

    I think you'll be alright with the cold Bill so long as you add something to protect your hands...elephant ears (hand mitts that go over the controls) or the like, you have the GT legshield to protect your feet

  3. Jake, I am a little concerned with the potential for bad weather. I don't necessarily mind the cold, but ice and snow on a scooter spells trouble. I was on some of your route last July. We stayed in Kalispell before riding through Glacier. And we were lucky to do the Beartooth Pass in July on a beautiful day. Chief Joseph Highway too. Those were spectacular.

  4. Would be nice to have a spare set of wheels for your GT with some studded snow/ice tires mounted up. Not sure if that is allowed per the rules (Cannonball), to carry and or use spare wheel sets, nor am I familiar if pre-studded tires are available in tires your size. I think that would give you a major leg up

    I've seen guys in the past run screws in tires so they can ride on ice. You would need to run tubes. Back when I was club racing the 900SS Ducati I had with Championship Club Series in the 90's, I had two sets of with DOT race rubber, the other set had full DOT rains mounted. Sure was nice to have the ability to switch back and forth

    I wouldn't let the threat of snow or icy conditions stop you from starting and participating in this Cannonball. Just remember...the other participants will be riding in the same weather

    1. Oh, I am riding. If it is icy, I might do the unthinkable and trailer until it gets better, but I am not letting it stop me from this cool adventure.