Tuesday, March 25, 2014

7 Bridges Scooter Club Tuesday Ride

Tonight is our weekly Tuesday night scooter ride with the club.  Historically, anyone wanting to ride would meet at 6:30 at Boris' warehouse in Riverside, we would collectively select a restaurant and head out at 7:00.

That was the way we did it for the past four years I have been participating.

But after a few hurt feelings and unhappy scooterists, Russ, our defacto leader, decided to start naming the restaurant a few days before and posting it on our Facebook page.  It has worked smoothly since, so I am quite sure that we will continue with the new system.

Tonight is Smash Burger, a upper end chain in Atlantic Beach.  It will be a 20 mile ride there, maybe more if we choose to go the scenic route.  We have five coming and four maybes so far. This usually means we will have around ten or twelve.  I used to lead almost all of the rides, but have handed Tuesdays off to Russ recently.  I will gladly lead if he wants to take it easy.  I will post photos of the warehouse and destination in the morning.

At Smashburger

Boys being boys, checking out the latest purchase

Rush hour ride to the beach

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