Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Cannonball Route

So those looking in, wondering where this Scooter Cannonball actually runs:

June 3:    Hyder, Alaska:  Start
June 3:    Vanderhoof, BC.  375 miles
June 4:    Jasper, Alberta:  322 miles
June 5:    Fernie, BC.  363 miles
June 6:    Helena, Montana:  356 miles
June 7:    Pinedale, Wyoming:  355 miles
June 8:    Silverthorne, Colorado:  380 miles    Sarah's Birthday
June 9:    Ulysses, Kansas:  368 miles
June 10:  Norman, Oklahoma:  336 miles    Brother Duane's Birthday
June 11:  El Dorado, Arkansas:  361 miles    Parent's 66th Wedding Anniversary
June 12:  New Orleans, Lousiana:  345 miles

Approximately 3,560 total.

Then I ride home to Jacksonville:  540 miles

I will miss some family events, but they understand.


  1. Hyder Alaska. Want to bet that the bears outnumber the people? ;)

  2. It is the smaller sister to the thriving metropolis of Stewart, BC. Probably not more than 500 people combined. Oh, I just looked it up. Hyder, 87, Stewart, 494. Certainly more bears than that.