Thursday, March 16, 2017

Rocket, Stage 2

After the spark plug blew out of the engine head of Rocket a month or so ago, I decided to go ahead and use the spare engine.  Two weeks ago I took it over to ACE Vintage Motorcycle Specialists, to have the work done. The engine had just passed 76,000 miles and was giving me trouble more often than not.  It kept throwing variator nuts and with the plug blowing out, I felt it was time.

It now has a 6000 mile engine, new brake pads and oil and is running like new again.  I rode it 50 miles today without any issues.  Maybe it can become my go to scooter again.

It is fuzzy, but said 76,044 when picking it up at ACE.

The old guy still looks good.

The new engine looks about the same, but 70,000 miles fresher.

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